I’ve ditched the boot 

Hey all! I thought that I'd hop on and give a little sprained foot/ankle update. A month ago today I tripped over a rain gutter and twisted it badly. I'm finally out of the boot and walking around somewhat normally. It still hurts after I've been on my feet for a while. It also hurts… Continue reading I’ve ditched the boot 

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August Goals 

Christmas in July *BOLD - FINNISHED *ITALICS - STARTED *STRIKE THROUGH - REMOVED FROM LIST Create a donation item Knit July Socks Knit my cozy memory block Finish up Christmas gift list: mittens, sport weight socks, Christmas Stockings, hats, dishcloths  The month of July was a little more successful than I had thought it was.… Continue reading August Goals 

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Rose City Rollers

Hello All!!! I finally finished a project! I'm so excited 😆 Even better news!!! I can hobble around the house without the boot on!!! The arch of my foot is still sensitive when walking but my toes and ankle feel so much better. I haven't tried walking outside or downstairs without the boot yet. It's… Continue reading Rose City Rollers


Another week goes by

Well, my foot is slowly improving! I've had more pain and discomfort in my foot this week but thankfully it hasn't been continuously hurting. I've noticed while resting that the arch of my foot starts burning almost like when your foot falls asleep but with more discomfort. It's also very sensitive across my toes and… Continue reading Another week goes by


I’ve turned into a book worm

I'm slowly improving. My foot is feeling much better although I still can't walk on it without the boot on. The pain in my wrist and hand comes and goes. I've been able to knit some but not nearly what I'd like too. I'm pretty sure that the source of my pain is a pinched… Continue reading I’ve turned into a book worm


Ankle/Foot Update 

So I went to the doctor last night and found out that my foot isn't broken! It's just a really bad sprain. The swelling has gone done some and it's starting to feel slightly better but it still really hurts to walk.  The pictures starting at the top left show how swollen it started out… Continue reading Ankle/Foot Update 



Saturday night after watching a NASCAR race (my driver won) my hubby and I were sitting outside enjoying the much cooler air. We heard loud music coming from behind our house so I decided to walk out back and investigate. However, I never made it to the back yard. I tripped over one of our… Continue reading Ouch!!!