May Goals 

HELLO ALL! Wow, another month has gone by so fast! I am very pleased with my creative  progress last month especially when I consider the fact that my allergies were at an all time high and my kids were home for spring break and Easter break. April Goals *BOLD - FINNISHED *ITALICS - STARTED *STRIKE … Continue reading May Goals 

Grand Central Socks 

Hey All! I've had another productive crafting week. I've finished this pair of socks and I've knit four dishcloths. The weather hasn't been the greatest but hey that's spring in the Midwest. I received some good news and not so great news since my last post about our refrigerator that decided to die on April … Continue reading Grand Central Socks 

WWI hat 

The other day I found a WWI hat pattern which had been re written into modern knitting terms. I thought that would be the perfect hat to donate to Scarves for Troops. The pattern was originally supposed to be knit with 100% wool and in certain colors so that they could be worn with a … Continue reading WWI hat 

ISTJ Personality 

The other day I found an app that you can use to take the Myers Briggs personality test with. I have known for years that I am an introvert. Most of the information about ISTJ was dead on with my personality but I'd like to reflect on one thing. "You can usually accomplish any task once … Continue reading ISTJ Personality 

Sport Socks 

Hello all! My kids have been on Spring break the last few days and my free time really took a nose dive. We have been cleaning out closets and reorganizing some of the house.  The Spring break weather has been nice for the most part. Saturday it was 80° and beautiful Monday morning we woke … Continue reading Sport Socks 

Wee Lima 

Baby season tend to come and go in families. In the last month or so I have heard about two new baby boy's coming into the family so I figured that I had better get started on baby gifts. I used to keep a stash of baby gifts around the house but there were so … Continue reading Wee Lima 

April Goals

Is it really April already? We have about 7 weeks of school left and then its summer. While I appreciate the break of not having to get grumpy kids up and moving out the door each morning I really miss the structured days that come with the school year. I'm an introvert that can always find … Continue reading April Goals

Cozy Memory Afghan – Progress

I've finished knitting three months of squares into my cozy memory blanket. Each month has a 3 x 3 block with a color theme starting right to left. These will be the bottom (or top) three rows. I have a fleece blanket purchased that I would like to use to back the blanket when I … Continue reading Cozy Memory Afghan – Progress

Imbue Shawl 

I love how my most recent shawl turned out. I knit it with some yarn that I bought in December of 2014 to use for some color work hats. I had found that the baby alpaca yarn was so soft that was slippery and hard to work with. It split when I was trying to knit with it. I was … Continue reading Imbue Shawl 

March Socks

These are from some yarn that I dyed last year some time. It was one of my first experiments with using multiple colors and I wasn't too sure how I was going to like it knit up. However, am really pleased with the results but I didn't think there was enough purple in the yarn … Continue reading March Socks

Ridge and Eyelet Socks 

I started this pair of socks way back in September but I lost interest in knitting them because they were being knit top down. I find that I prefer to knit socks from the toes up. I finally decided to just get on with it so I could use the needles for something else. These … Continue reading Ridge and Eyelet Socks 

Stitch Markers and Progress Keepers 

I keep seeing the cutest little stitch markers and progress keepers in Podcasts and on Instagram. Of coarse I would like to own some of them but they are pretty spendy compared to the ones that I buy in bulk from the  Knit Picks website. I did the math and figured that I could buy … Continue reading Stitch Markers and Progress Keepers 

Striped Blueberry Waffle Socks 

Last week I was super productive. I managed to finish three pairs of socks, a cat blanket, and I made some stitch markers and progress keepers. I was pretty happy with all of the progress and then I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat and by Saturday I was pretty sure that it … Continue reading Striped Blueberry Waffle Socks