Project “Forever 24”


A few years ago I discovered the Scarves for Troops charity ran by Operation Gratitude. At that time I just wanted something to donate my creative items too. I was doing it simply because I wanted to. I really didn’t think a whole lot of it until the day that I was visiting my Maternal Grand Father who was dying of cancer. In his home I found a scarf that he was given through a local VFW organization. Finding it and holding it in my hands knowing that someone else like me was making items to donate was overwhelming. I told my Mom that I had donated to Scarves for Troops the previous year (2012) and that I was making items to donate again. She told me that Gramp would have loved that.So after that I decided to create hats and scarves in memory of my Gramp who was a Navy Veteran of the Korean War.

Then a few months later, my only sibling tragically died in a car accident. The loss of my little Sister has completely turned my life upside down. She was so young and beautiful and talented. Brittany never really got a chance to live life to the fullest. I wanted to do something in her memory, and I came up with the name “FOREVER 24“. Partly because she died at the tender age of 24 and partly because of the song Old Man by Neil Young. “Twenty four and there’s so much more“.  Last year (2014) I donated 24 preemie hats in her memory.

This year I decided to create hats and scarves to be donated to Scarves for Troops in Memory of my Sister Brittany  and my Grandfather Robert

Information taken from the Scarves for Troops group on Ravelry…

Operation Gratitude hats and scarves should be adult sized and in gender neutral or subtle colors. Scarves that are between 5 and 7 inches wide and 48 to 52 inches long fit best in the care package boxes. We’re asked to leave fringe off of scarves for reasons of packing and wearing ease. Any fiber is acceptable, please be prepared to attach a label to your scarf with care instructions. SOURCE




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