Happy Accident

My yarn dyeing style is wing it and see what happens. I mixed grey and black dye together hoping to get a tonal dark grey yarn. I decided it wasn’t dark enough so I mixed up more dye and poured it on top. These darker spots were at the bottom of the pan and although this isn’t the yarn that I intended I love it. I’m going to knit a shawl with this yarn and try again for the tonal yarn. Hopefully it works because after that I’m out of fingering weight yarn.

1 day until school starts 🤣

Perfect Purples & Pinks

A while back See Norway posted a beautiful sunset photo that just had me itching to dye some yarn. Here are the results!

I plan to pair the yarn with one of my Sister’s favorite colors. I’m planning to knit a huge squishy shawl with it someday soon. I might add black yarn into the combination as well!

a few years ago I knit this shawl for my mom with a Brittany’s favorite colors!

I think that’s about high time I had a shawl to remind me of her too but this time I’m using both of our favorite colors. I’m thinking about knitting another Stephen West pattern.

I hope that you all have a great weekend! We had a very busy week with; dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments, trying to get a pair of glasses fixed, the last days of summer school, grocery shopping, & school supply shopping!!! I’m exhausted and ready for a few days of quiet but first yard work! 11 days until school starts and some me time begins. I can’t wait to introvert ALONE IN THE QUIET!

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