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I've been sick most of the week with a cruddy cold and fever & chills so I haven't made a lot of progress on my projects. I've slept a good portion of each day trying to kick this cold. It's a good thing that I completed all of my January goals by Sunday afternoon giving [...]

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Forever 24 – 2015

Donated in memory of Brittany & Gramp

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I have been busy this week trying to complete some of my craft goals for the month. I am going to fall short of finishing my toe-up socks and I only have one hat to add to my Project Forever 24 donation pile. All of the items that I make for Project Forever 24 - [...]

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Waffle Hats Galore

I've made tons of waffle hats in the past. Mostly for gifts or to donate to Scarves for Troops. These hats were donated to Scarves for Troops. Ravelry Link This gray hat I knit for my Hubby Ravelry Link These hats were Christmas gifts last year. Ravelry Link This is a hat that a knit [...]