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Cheeky Cross Stitch Humor

I am still sick with that pain in the butt cold. My head has become nothing more than a pounding snot factory. I have been carpooling everyone to work and school each morning only to return to bed until noon. Then I have been getting up and doing some housework before settling into some cross… Continue reading Cheeky Cross Stitch Humor


“Baby It’s Cold” Slipper Tutorial

"BABY IT'S COLD" SLIPPER TUTORIAL A few days ago my feet were freezing so I did what any crafty gal would do. I started browsing the Internet looking for the perfect slipper pattern. One big problem though, I have huge feet. I wear a women's size 10 1/2 shoe and most slipper patterns are made… Continue reading “Baby It’s Cold” Slipper Tutorial


Cat Butt Coaster Tutorial

I have UPDATED my tutorial - Enjoy Materials Needed: I used an H crochet hook and scraps of worsted weight yarn. I also used a darning needle to weave in the ends. Round 1: PINK - Make a magic loop Ch 1, and 5 sc into magic loop (5 sc) -gently pull the loose end… Continue reading Cat Butt Coaster Tutorial

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Snowman Hat Tutorial

I've been seeing tons of super cute snowman hats on Pinterest lately. I wanted to make some for my kids but I didn't find the exact pattern I wanted to use. So I knit a basic hat and crocheted a carrot nose. Buttons eyes added a nice and easy finishing touch. So here goes my… Continue reading Snowman Hat Tutorial